• 20 kwietnia, 2021


Spherotech was established in 1992 to manufacture and supply uniform monodisperse microparticles and nanoparticles for biomedical, diagnostic and drug discovery applications. Our headquarters are 25 miles north of Chicago in Lake Forest, IL.

As a global provider of micro and nanoparticle solutions, our scientific experts can manufacture high quality fluorescent, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic and color dyed polystyrene particles. In addition, we prepare gold nanoparticles for diagnostic applications.
Spherotech offers:

  • Monodisperse particles of uniform size for functional tests
  • Different types of functionalized beads for covalent and passive couplings
  • Beads pre-coated with antibodies, proteins and ligands
  • Cross-linked beads for more functional groups and organic reactions
  • Different size beads for flow cytometric alignment, calibration, compensation, counting and sorting

Spherotech Micro and Nanoparticle Applications:

  • Fluorescent microscope
  • Genomics and immunoassays
  • EIA and ELISA assays
  • Flow cytometry
  • DNA isolation and bead PCR
  • Cell isolation by magnetic particles
  • Microfluidics with smaller particles.
  • Drug interference assays
  • Isolation of plasma and whole blood antigens
  • Immobilization of biomolecules such as antibodies, DNA and carbohydrates for the development of assays

Spherotech specializes in preparing different types of micro and nanoparticles for research and development. Our particles are of uniform size, monodisperse and well-characterized by SEM and TEM. Spherotech continually introduces new products for different applications and enhances our existing portfolio.

Supplying quality beads is our main goal. Our loyal customers value our manufacturing capabilities, custom OEM particle solutions, and technical support. Our manufacturing facilities can accommodate large-scale preparations of microparticle solutions.

Most of our products are listed in our web catalog. If the product you need is not listed, please contact our customer service team to verify our full inventory. Spherotech can provide advice for your specific needs and can produce custom micro and nanoparticles for different applications.

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